The scorpion, after killing the much larger roach, begins feeding head first.

Texas Scorpion

-By Karine Aigner, Washington DC, USA: I was in Brownsville, Texas, having a nightmare of a time trying to photograph a 3 day old Texas tortoise that we had found. I had pretty much given up on the cheeky juvenile reptile when I heard something moving at my feet.  Strategically placed right at my foot was a cockroach the size of my thumb, seemingly pulling a scorpion.  But, the scorpion was attached to the roach’s backside, holding on! The cockroach […]

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A tiny (but dangerous) scorpion that we found beneath a cinder block at night. Its danger is revealed by its thick tail and relatively puny pincers.

Mozambican Memoirs

-By Todd Amacker, Tennessee, USA: I recently returned from a trip to rural Gaza Province, Mozambique, near Banhine National Park. Banhine is what people refer to as a ‘paper park’. Very little infrastructure, relatively few park rangers, and only small, skittish populations of megafauna. They certainly have reason to be skittish, after their animal kin were decimated during a brutal civil war that lasted for decades. The majority of locals living in the region rely on subsistence agriculture, which means […]

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© Don Filipiak |

Frosted Flatwoods Salamander

Sometimes people ask, why should we care whether a salamander goes extinct? What value does it provide anyway? Well, I could go into details and statistics, but it comes down to the fact that our fellow creatures have just as much right to exist as we do. They have the right to simply “be.” Please take a moment to read this message from Florida contributor Don Filipiak – Clay “The beginnings of a species at its end. The Frosted flatwoods […]

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If you love beautiful images of wildlife then you’ve come to the right place! Here is just a selection of some of the amazing plants and animals that the MYN team has been photographing (in the wild) for you to see. Our photographers currently represent 6 continents around the world. Please consider becoming a fan of our Facebook page to see a new image each day. From Timeline Photos, posted by Meet Your Neighbours on 4/12/2010 (925 items) It’s been […]

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The MYN Mission

Meet Your Neighbours is a worldwide photographic initiative dedicated to reconnecting people with the wildlife on their own doorsteps – and enriching their lives in the process. These creatures and plants are vital to people: they represent the first, and for some, the only contact with wild nature we have.