Long-billed Starthroat (Heliomaster longirostris)

Costa Rica’s dry forests.

By Sean Graesser, Costa Rica: For the fifth year in a row I’ve returned to the dry forests of Costa Rica’s Nicoya peninsula, a place where many of North American’s Neotropical migrants choose to spend their winters. Mixed in with the wide variety of tropical birds species that inhabit the peninsula, there’s a lot of biodiversity to be seen. One of the main study subjects we focus on is hummingbirds, at our main base of operation, we have eleven species […]

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A composite of a variety of the reptiles and amphibians found at various locations in Mississippi this past spring.

Exploring North Mississippi

By Andrew Snyder, Mississippi, USA: Of the states in the southeastern United States, Mississippi isn’t generally the first to come to mind as being a hotbed of biodiversity, and in comparison to the others, it isn’t. However, the Magnolia State does harbor a substantial variety of species, especially ones small enough to fit on a sheet of acrylic or in a light box. I first arrived in Oxford, Mississippi in 2011, when I started graduate school at the University of […]

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Saving Salamanders

By Todd Amacker, Tennessee, USA: Beginning in the 1980s, emerging pathogens have contributed to a global decline in amphibian populations. As a result of disease and other factors, amphibians are the most imperiled terrestrial vertebrate class on Earth. With both ranavirus (a genus of viruses in the family Iridoviridae) and chytrid fungus (a fungus in the phylum Chytridiomycota) being two of the biggest culprits, biologists and veterinarians are investigating the prevalence and transmission of these pathogens in amphibian populations all […]

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© Denis Palanque / meetyourneighbours.net

If you love beautiful images of wildlife then you’ve come to the right place! Here is just a selection of some of the amazing plants and animals that the MYN team has been photographing (in the wild) for you to see. Our photographers currently represent 6 continents around the world. Please consider becoming a fan of our Facebook page to see a new image each day. From Timeline Photos, posted by Meet Your Neighbours on 4/12/2010 (973 items) Contributor Sean […]

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The MYN Mission

Meet Your Neighbours is a worldwide photographic initiative dedicated to reconnecting people with the wildlife on their own doorsteps – and enriching their lives in the process. These creatures and plants are vital to people: they represent the first, and for some, the only contact with wild nature we have.