Field studio birds – a start.


Blue tit in the field studio

It’s been a slow start, but at last I’m making a little headway with photographing small birds in the field studio in our garden. Most species have shown an extraordinary reluctance to sit on the perches I provide – preferring instead to feed on the ground. This normally creates a lot of discomfort so instead I relocated a section of turf 18 inches above the ground on a crate, allowing me to shoot “at ground level” from my plastic hide.

One Lumedyne head behind shone through a 4′ x 3 ‘ piece of opaque acrylic with front fill from a Speedlight coming through a piece of Flyweight envelope diffuser.

I’ve edged the crate with the turf a little further forward for the next shoot and am hoping the the tree sparrows our garden attracts will start to feed there soon.

I have to say that I’ve always loved having good pictures of small birds but loathed the process of taking them. Here’s my hide, only 6 metres distant and even with a 500 mm (albeit on a full frame D70o) the bird needs to be made part of a bigger composition. Put on the x1.7 converter and I run out of focusing points. Now, that D800 I was so reserved about last year could solve a lot of these problems for me…

by MYN co-founder, Niall Benvie