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Common neighbourhood plants and animals are usually overlooked and undervalued, yet they are most people’s first, sometimes only, point of contact with wild nature. They matter for that reason if no other. They can make us feel better, let us see ourselves in perspective. We want people to sit up and take notice of these wild neighbours by presenting them as celebrities: photographed in the white field studio, in exquisite detail under beautiful lighting. And we need photographers from around the world to contribute to this effort.

There are two ways you can take part in the Meet Your Neighbours project.

  •  •Partner with a local conservation NGO (or another organisation sympathetic to MYN’s goals) who pays your fees and has use of your work to promote awareness and appreciation of neighbourhood wildlife. Their support and activities are highlighted to a wider, world community through the Meet Your Neighbours website. Your stock is also represented, in agreement with your partner, by Nature Picture Library in Bristol with revenues divided thus: 50% to NPL; 25% to the photographer; 25% to Meet Your Neighbours, administered by Niall Benvie and Clay Bolt. You may also market the work independently (though not through other agencies and not using the MYN brand) in agreement with your funding partner. While partnership is the ideal arrangement – assuring as it does that the work in displayed in local communities – we understand that in many parts of the world budgets simply do not exist for the creation of photography, however novel and useful. Unfortunately, MYN is unable to act as a funding partner for photographers.
  •  If you’ve been unsuccessful in securing a partner, you can still participate in MYN by entering into a contract with NPL who will represent your work on the same basis as funded photographers. As part of a branded collection with one of the world’s most successful specialist photographic libraries, your work has a better chance of being seen than if you try to market it yourself. Nevertheless, you are also at liberty to market it yourself too (although not supply if to any other agencies, and not under the MYN brand). The MYN brand may not be used by photographers without a contract with a funding partner or NPL. Your work may be seen not only on the NPL site but on the ARKive’s one too which boasts over 500 000 page views each day.

If you’d like to learn more about participation, please contact Clay (The Americas, Pacific and Australasia) or Niall (Europe, Africa and Asia)