Karine Aigner Karine Aigner: U.S.A. / Washington, D.C.
Karine Aigner is a freelance photo editor and photographer with over twelve years of industry experience. As the Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic Kids and Little kids magazines for almost nine years Karine’s specialty and love is wildlife and natural history imagery; she has a keen eye for ‘sense of place’ and storytelling imagery and is always looking for new ways of showing the natural world to the world. An affiliate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, and a member of NANPA, Karine is an accomplished photographer who’s work is centered around wildlife, conservation issues, and animal portraiture. With a recent spread of her African Wild Dogs in the German publication GEOlino, Karine works with with and has been published by BBC Wildlife, Africa Geographic, National Geographic Kids and Little Kids magazine, Ranger Rick, Parents Magazine, Hoerzu, National Geographic Children’s books,, ILCP and The Nature Conservancy. To learn more, please visit Karine’s website at

Todd Amacker | Meet Your Neighbours Todd Amacker: U.S.A. / Florida and Alabama
Todd Amacker is a lifelong student of natural history, and feels blessed to reside with his wife and daughter in the beautiful and biodiverse gulf coast of Florida. After receiving a degree in Environmental Science from the University of West Florida, he took a two year post as an environmental educator at Waterberg Academy, a private boarding school in rural South Africa. During his extensive travels throughout southern Africa, he became a keen birder and photographer. Upon his return to the USA, Todd founded MozCause, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving school facilities and promoting environmental education in Banhine National Park, Mozambique. He currently works for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection doing ecosystem restoration and monitoring, and looks forward to contributing MYN images from the Florida panhandle and from southern Alabama, his second home. Visit his website to learn more!

Jose José Antunes: Europe / Portugal
José Antunes is a freelance journalist and photographer with over 30 years experience in the fields of technology and nature. He has written and photographed various subjects, from aviation to history, to various magazines and newspapers in Portugal, but it’s photographing the outdoors and telling stories about nature just outside one’s door that makes him happiest. As an author of four photography books and editor of his own photography magazine in print for eight years, he has moved online where he keeps a daily updated photo news website in Portuguese. He also writes for the photography websites Phototuts+, Pixiq and for Manfrotto School of Xcellence.

José believes you don’t need to go far to find the natural world, so he is working close to home, covering the areas around Sintra and Mafra, on the outskirts of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. He runs workshops and tours around the area for those interested in slow paced photography around the Atlantic coastal area and in the Tapada Nacional de Mafra. To see more visit his website at

Javier Aznar MYN Javier Aznar Gonzalez de Rueda: Europe / Spain
Javier Aznar is a Spanish photographer who has admired nature and small animals such as reptiles, amphibians and arthropods since childhood. Currently, Javier is completing his degree in biological sciences, along with nature photography and conservation photography. He has traveled to various countries like Costa Rica, Morocco and Oman to explore and photograph the flora and fauna. With his photographs he tries to show another face of these little creatures to the public, as well as show the habitat in which they live.

Greg Basco Greg Basco: Central America / Costa Rica
Like many nature photographers, Greg started his career doing something else. A political scientist by training, his research focused on the politics of the environment in Latin America. Greg researched environmental politics and ecotourism in Costa Rica and worked there for a number of years as a conservation professional, having first come to the country in 1992 as a Peace Corps volunteer. He now dedicates himself full-time to his own photography and his Costa Rica photo tour company. Greg works out of his home office in Costa Rica’s central highlands, where he lives with his wife, twin boys, their dogs and cats, and various hummingbirds and songbirds that visit their backyard feeders.

Greg Basco’s images have been published in numerous books, calendars, and magazines, including National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, GEO Germany, Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, and Newsweek. In addition, Canon Europe has used his images in numerous product brochures, trade show displays, product packages and promotional videos. To learn more visit Greg’s website at

Carl Battereall Carl Battreall: U.S.A. / Alaska
For over fifteen years Carl Battreall has blurred the lines between adventure, fine art and conservation photography. His work has been published in books, calendars and magazines throughout the world. Carl’s unique style and the diversity of his images is obvious when you look at the eclectic group of publications that have highlighted his work, including: Lenswork, Alaska Magazine, Nature’s Best and Climbing Magazine. In 2007, Carl received the Daniel Housberg Wilderness Image Award for his extensive documentation of Alaska’s unprotected mountain regions. The Rasmuson Foundation granted Carl an artist fellowship in 2008, allowing him to complete his Blue project, a project the showcases the raw beauty of Alaska’s glaciers. Since he was a teenager, Carl’s favorite photographic muse has been the small, often overlooked features of the natural world. So it with great joy that he joins the "Meet Your Neighbours" project. To learn more, please visit his website at

Brady Beck: Meet Your Neighbours Brady Beck: U.S.A. / North Carolina
Brady Beck was born in West Lafayette, Indiana. He moved with his family to Raleigh, NC in 1986. He earned a B.S. in Wildlife Science from North Carolina State University in 1992. Since then he has worked as a biologist for several conservation groups in the Sandhills region of North Carolina. He currently works as a Wildlife Biologist studying Red-cockaded Woodpeckers. His photography interests grew out of a desire to capture on film the unique habitats and animals he saw throughout his daily field work. He is passionate about conserving the remaining Longleaf Pine ecosystem in the Sandhills, as well as educating others about the beauty and diversity of plant and animal life that rely on a healthy ecosystem. Visit his website at to learn more.

Niall Benvie: Meet Your Neighbours Niall Benvie: UK / Scotland (Project Co-founder & Senior Advisor)
Born in Scotland in 1964, Niall Benvie’s passion for the natural world was fostered by his late father, Donald, at an early age. After working on the land for seven years running his family’s fruit farm, Niall went on to study for an Honors Degree in Geography after the farm was sold. He has worked as a professional outdoor photographer and writer since graduation in 1993. Over the years, the focus of his work has shifted from stock to photographic stories. The core theme has often been the relationship between people and the land. He is a Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and a Founding Director of the Wild Wonders of Europe Project. To learn more, please visit his website at

Emanuele Biggi Emanuele Biggi: Europe / Italy
Emanuele is a 33 years old Italian naturalist with a Ph.D in Environmental Science, a photographer and scientific communicator mainly focused on small creatures, conservation of nature and scientific-photography. He has traveled to the tropics to find and photograph many of the less known microcosm species and to raise awareness about their prime role in the ecosystems health. His work (both articles and pictures) has been published in various magazines around the world (BBC wildlife magazine, Geo Magazine (Italian version), Terre Sauvage, Rivista della Natura and others) and his pictures are found in various publications. Emanuele also works with some Italian television channels as a nature presenter (Rai, Mediaset and presently Sky) and he’s the curator of various scientific expositions like “Predatori del Microcosmo” (trad. “Predators of the Microcosm”). In 2011, one of his pictures was awarded as “Highly Commended” in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. To learn more, vista his website at

Clay Bolt: Meet Your Neighbours Clay Bolt: U.S.A. / South Carolina (Project Co-founder / Coordinator)
Clay Bolt is an award-winning natural history and conservation photographer whose work and projects have been featured by The Nature Conservancy, Scientific American, Outdoor Photographer, Audubon Magazine and National Geographic among others. In 2009 he co-founded the Meet Your Neighbours project with Scottish Conservation Photographer Niall Benvie. Clay is passionate about spreading the message that an appreciation of nature begins at home and he continues to seek out new ways to promote this concept through his photography, writing and community involvement. Learn more at

João Paulo Burini: Meet Your Neighbours João Paulo Burini: South America / Brazil
João Paulo Burini was born in Brazil in 1989. From childhood, he enjoyed insects and their design always caught his attention (perhaps by influence of movie monsters). João started liking photography around the age of 8 and began with an old cucus webcam, shooting bugs found at the backyard. At 15 he had his first contact with a real camera, still without much control or a good minimal focus distance, and as a result got into the “do it yourself” world as he had to use a magnifying glass to take macro pictures. After this camera was stolen, he decided that he would at least need manual controls so that he could learn the basics of photography. The macro still had its limitations, so he broke the 44mm lens out of an old film camera and started using it in front of the compact one, which acted as a high quality magnifying glass, and finally he was able to see spider faces filling the entire frame. In 2012 João graduated as a biologist working mostly with invertebrates in Atlantic Rainforest areas in southeastern Brazil, but with a growing interest into birds as well. Just recently, he began using DSLR cameras and despite having macro as a favourite photography style, still doesn’t own a macro lens but continues to shoot by alternative means such as reversing lenses. To learn more visit João’s website at

Matt Cole MYN Matt Cole: UK / Great Britain
Matt Cole is a wildlife and nature photographer based in Leicestershire, UK. He enjoys photographing any form of wildlife but has a particular passion for macro photography, predominantly of insects but also of fungi. His images have been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Outdoor Photography magazine, the Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph, amongst others. In recent years Matt has also had some success in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the International Garden Photographer of the Year competitions. To learn more please visit his website

Stéphane De Greef MYN Stéphane De Greef: Southeast Asia / Cambodia
Stéphane De Greef is a freelance photographer and environmental engineer from Belgium. As an engineer, he has traveled all over the world since 1999, from Latin America to Southeast Asia via Europe and Africa. He mostly works as an information expert and cartographer in humanitarian and development projects, environment and archaeology.

As a passionate naturalist with a special interest in invertebrates, he has been taking pictures of insects, arachnids and other animals since he started macrophotography in the 1990′s. His intent is to raise awareness on the amazing diversity of Nature, with its incredible array of shapes and colors. He joined the Meet Your Neighbours project in 2012 and is based in Cambodia. When he’s not taking pictures or analyzing landmine casualties data for The Monitor, you may find him whizzing on his dirt bike through the jungles of Cambodia in search of forgotten temples or secretive ants, or discreetly pacing around art exhibition openings or international conferences. He is currently living in Siem Reap, Cambodia, best known for the Angkor Temples Complex. Learn more about Stéphane’s work at

Paul Harcourt Davies MYN Paul Harcourt Davies: Europe / Italy (Project Coordinator)
Paul Harcourt Davies is a writer, photographer and passionate environmentalist who has written 17 books (and illustrated major works for others) and as well as numerous articles on wildlife, travel and photography, including a long series for the American Orchid Society, for The Orchid Review and Outdoor Photography. He was asked to write the definitive entry on Botanical Photography for the Focal Encyclopaedia of Photography and his work has also been presented in exhibitions in London, Glasgow, Cyprus, Italy and in the USA with broadcasts on radio in the UK and Cyprus (where he received an award for services to conservation) and roles as a presenter of items for BBC 2’s TV program “Tracks”. Paul currently lives in Italy with his partner Lois, where they run tours and courses from their home. The world at close-quarters is both a passion and specialism of his work. To learn more, please visit his website at

Agustín Esmoris MYN Agustín Esmoris: South America / Argentina
Agustín Esmoris is a nature photographer and software developer (B.S. in Computer Science) based in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Captivated by nature since kid, attracted by the majesty of birds and rich biodiversity of Patagonia, he started taking photographs. In 1998 he bought his first SLR camera with which he started experimenting and learning more advanced topics. His images have been published in local magazines and books, as well as other media. He’s the founder and owner of Cactuseros ( the most important community of collectors and researchers as well as the biggest online database of photographies on cactus and succulents (in spanish). To learn more, visit his website at

kevin fitzpatrick Kevin FitzPatrick: U.S.A. / North Carolina
Over the years, Kevin has worked in New York and other major cities in the theatre, recording studios, and TV, doing stints as sound technician, sound supervisor, recording engineer, television cameraman, director and producer during the 60’s and 70’s.He has worked as a photographer and Multi-Image producer for more than 40 years and has also taught these skills as a college professor. In 1983, FitzPatrck started Media Divide Productions in order to provide media production services for those interested in preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the Southern Appalachian region. In 1998, he got involved in a Project in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park called the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI), which is an attempt at inventorying all of the species in the Park. In 1999, Kevin formed All Species Photography & Sound; and shifted my emphasis toward documenting biodiversity, and promoting the importance of environmental education. During the past several years, he has photographed assignments for the National Forest Service and The National Park Service. His photographs have appeared in publications of the North Carolina Nature Conservancy, the North and South Carolina Wildlife Federations, Nature Photography Magazine, Our State North Carolina, Southern Environmental Law Center, Massachusetts Audubon and GEO magazine. Kevin has taught several seminars on Multi- Image production for the North American Nature Photography Association and have natural Sound recording workshops for the Nature Sounds Society, Oakland, CA. In 2003, FitzPatrick moved to New England to work with a number of organizations that were working on their own ATBI Project. These included the Boston Harbor Islands, Acadia National Park and the Adirondack All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory. To learn more, visit his website at

Dirk Funhoff Dr. Dirk Funhoff: Europe / Germany
Born in 1958 in Germany, trained as a chemist, Dirk is a part-time photographer, based in Mannheim, Germany. Being a recreational photographer for a long time, it took a trip to the Treshnish Isles in Scotland in 2004 that Dirk concentrated on nature photography as a second profession and became member of the German Society of Nature Photographers (GDT). Currently, he is mainly working in the Palatinate area close to his home town. Open for innovation and unusual approaches, Dirk aspires to capture the essentials in his images. Starting with documentation, led by inspiration and fascination it leads to abstraction of the essence of reality, visible in the final photograph. As the unique style of MYN follows this approach, Dirk is thrilled to become part of the team. To learn more, please visit his website at

Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj | Meet Your Neighbours Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj: Canada / Saskatchewan
Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj is an avid outdoor and nature photographer based in Saskatchewan, Canada. His images have appeared in books, magazines and calendars in Canada and internationally. Branimir’s passion for the natural world has led him to use photography as a vehicle to promote the appreciation and protection of the environment. Through his photography and lectures, Branimir tries to encourage people to explore the wonders of the world, and take an active role in protecting it. After attending the inaugural meeting of the International League of Conservation Photographers in Anchorage, Alaska, Branimir found a focus for his photographic endeavors. Two years later, he published an award-winning book The Great Sand Hills: A Prairie Oasis, to draw attention to a large area of native prairie in southwestern Saskatchewan under threat from gas development. Branimir is a board member of several conservation and natural history societies, and frequently contributes his photographic skills to local conservation organizations and groups involved in environmental education. To learn more, please visit his web site at

Fredy Gomez Fredy Gomez: South America / Colombia
Fredy Gomez is a Colombian photographer with ten years of experience in publishing and nature photography. His work has been featured in national magazines, newspapers and over twenty books of Colombian diversity. His major interest is the documentation of threatened species and Andean ecosystems. To see more visit his website at

jerry greer meet your neighbours Jerry Greer: U.S.A. / Tennessee
Jerry D. Greer was introduced to the wonders of the wilderness at an early age. Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains bestowed in him a desire to protect and conserve their ever vanishing ecosystems. By choice, he works almost exclusively in the southern Appalachian region and Jerry’s love for his native mountains fuels his environmental and photographic endeavors. He uses his personal connections with wild places, together with a very contemplative eye, to create his beautiful and evocative imagery. His internationally-acclaimed and award winning images have been published in numerous books, calendars, magazines, and conservation and advertising campaigns. Jerry is the author and photographer of seven books and one yearly wall calendar. Jerry is also the Founding Partner of Mountain Trail Press. He lives in Johnson City, Tennessee with his wife, Abbey and their daughter, Serén. To learn more, please visit his website at

Gus Gutiérrez meet your neighbours Gus Gutiérrez: Europe / Spain
Gus is a Nature photographer established in Cantabria, Northern Spain. This strategic location between the Atlantic and the moderate to high altitude mediterranean worlds, and from the energetic tidal shores of the Bay of Biscay to the limestone heights of Picos de Europa provides a rich biodiversity. He is currently working on an ever-developing personal project called ‘Cantabria minúscula’ aimed to provide local people from his homeland an insight into their valuable and unnoticed natural heritage, thus raising awareness on the need for its conservation. He also works along with several local NGO’s from his homeland.

Paul Hassell Paul Hassell: U.S.A. / Tennessee
Paul Hassell isn’t strictly a photographer. Paul is in the light business. An entrepreneur since the age of fifteen, a lover of solitude, and a loyal friend, Paul defies convention at every turn. You’ll walk away from talking photography with him, and you’ll have the sense that Paul is doing what he was created to do. This at-home-ness in himself and his craft becomes a kind of permission for others to find their vocations and live them. Paul found what makes him tick and organized his life around that calling. He designed his own major at The University of TN: Freelance Photography and Writing for the Natural Environment. That’s a mouthful. He’s a member of NANPA, SANP, and the NSA, but the credentials matter less to him than sharing the profound experience. He points the way to a bigger truth and deeper reality.

Paul is the proud owner of Light Finds, Inc. He lives with his wife Nora in the comfortable town of Kodak, TN. Their home along the French Broad River has become their base camp. Paul has been published in National Parks Magazine, Time/Life, and National Geographic books. Learn more at www.LightFinds.Us.

Stéphane Hette Stéphane Hette: Europe / France
Stéphane Hette studied illustration and discovered photography by chance when he was 37. Since 2006, he worked on two parallel projects: "Colocataires" and "Les ailes du Désir" and several of his photos have received many national / international awards. His images are published in several magazines and he is a member of the OPIE * (France) and sponsor of the Lepidoptera Breeders Association (UK). Stéphane works for the protection of the environment with a special focus on insects. He exhibits and publishes very often in France and abroad and since 2009 works as editor and photographer for the French magazine "Nat’images" Currently he is engaged in a new project in Champagne called "4m ² de nature" with the guide naturalist Emmanuel Fery. Visit Stéphane’s website for more information at

David Hunter, Meet Your Neighbours David Hunter: U.S.A. / California
David Hunter has worked as a photojournalist and a sports photographer, but today his most prized role is as a Photonaturalist working with state wildlife agencies, conservation organizations, and the National Parks to document and educate people about the unique plant and animal species all around them. He has a special passion for working with endangered and endemic invertebrate species including those found in caves. Through the Meet Your Neighbours Project David is focusing on Sierra Wildflowers, Cave Invertebrates, and Vernal Pool Species. His work has appeared in several nature magazines and in nature calendars. David’s work can be seen at and

sandesh_kadur Sandesh Kadur: India / Bangalore
Sandesh Kadur is an ardent naturalist with a keen interest to document the natural & cultural world around him. Images, Sandesh feels, have the power to move people in a way nothing else can, and it is this power he hopes to harness through his work and inspire his audience to protect and appreciate what remains of our wilderness. A few years ago he founded Felis Creations – a media and visual arts company based in Bangalore that focuses on creating content that inspires conservation. He is an associate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) as well as a member of Filmmakers For Conservation. He makes his home in various ecosystems across the globe. To learn more, please visit his website at

carsten krieger Carsten Krieger: Europe / Ireland
Carsten Krieger is a German born photographer based in Ireland. His images of the Irish landscape are highly acclaimed and his work has been featured in magazines, books and national television. His passion for nature and photography goes back to his early childhood and in 2002 he left a career in nursing to pursue this passion full time. Since then he has been the picture editor and photographer for the short lived environmental magazine Rocky Road, he has been working as staff photographer for the Irish Peatland Conservation Council and contributed to several conservation projects. Carsten has also published three books on Irish landscape and nature with a fourth one The Complete Guide to the wildflowers of Ireland due out later this year. He lives with his wife and two kids on the west coast of Ireland. To learn more, visit his website at

Alfonso Lario, meet your neighbours Alfonso Lario: Europe / Spain
Early in his career, Alfonso worked as an ornithologist and he spent a great deal of time banding birds. After years of experience in the field, he now works as a Natural Science and Environmental Education teacher. Alfonso is passionate about spreading an awareness for the need for conservation and does so by teaching courses, giving lectures and activities designed especially for school children, including those that encourage students to use their own photography and illustration for the cause. Alfonso’s images have appeared in various and have been recognized in several exhibitions and competitions including FOTOCAM 2011. He is engaged with many conservation organizations and currently serves the as web editor and Ethics Committee member of the Spanish Association of Nature Photography (AEFONA). Learn more about Alfonso’s work at

J.P. Lawrence | Meet Your Neighbours J.P. Lawrence: Central America / Panama
J.P. Lawrence is a PhD student at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) working on the evolution on polymorphism in species of animals that display aposematic (warning) coloration. Specifically, his research focuses on a few Poison Dart Frog species that show wide color variation in across their range. He has traveled to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador to work on amphibians and reptiles. Through his travels, he has gained great appreciation of the natural world, in particular, the organisms that are small and overlooked. Consequently, he has developed a great interest in photography to highlight these components of the natural world people may not otherwise see. J.P. started traveling through study abroad programs during his undergrad at Michigan State University. Since then, he has developed and led tropical biology programs to Costa Rica, Panama, and Borneo. Despite now being at Ole Miss, he still remains involved in the study abroad program at MSU. While the focus of his research is on amphibians, he considers himself a broad naturalist and is interested in all organisms in nature. Visit his website to learn more.

brett lewis, meet your neighbours Brett Lewis: UK / England
Brett Lewis is a professional biologist and part-time wildlife photographer based in Kent, UK. A keen herpetologist and mammalogist, he is currently undertaking research into the effects of development and mitigation on European protected species at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology. His photography has developed alongside his career and his work puts him into contact with many of the UK’s protected species. He has had work published by the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail as well as many online resources and magazines. As an independent ecologist he spends most of his time working with developers, government agencies and wildlife organisations advising on protected species and human-wildlife conflict issues in the UK. He enjoys diversity in wildlife photography but is particularly passionate about herpetofauna (all things reptile and amphibian) and scientific reportage, capturing people undertaking their research in the field. His website can be found at

neil losin, meet your neighbours Neil Losin: U.S.A. / Colorado
Neil Losin a biologist, photographer, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA. Neil is currently working on his Ph.D. in UCLA’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, where he studies the evolution of territoriality in invasive lizards. When he isn’t doing his own research Niall uses visual media like photography and video to capture and share stories about science, nature, and our relationship with our environment. Be sure to check out Neil’s video website with Nate Dappen: Day’s Edge Productions or visit his main website at for more information.

sheri mandel, meet your neighbours Sheri Mandel: U.S.A. / California
California-based photographer Sheri Mandel has captured images of wildlife on seven continents. She began her art career as a sculptor, using her photographs of animals in their natural habitats as references for her sculptures. Her photographic images eventually became her primary mode of artistic expression. When not working as a photographer for the City of Los Angeles, Sheri spends much of her free time volunteering for various ecological and environmental causes including Roots & Shoots, Jane Goodall’s program for youth. After having the good fortune of visiting with Dr. Goodall at her home in Tanzania, she helped to launch the program in Los Angeles. You can see more of Sheri’s work at

paul marcellini, meet your neighbours Paul Marcellini: U.S.A. / Florida
Paul Marcellini was born and raised just 20 miles from Everglades National Park. Always attracted to the outdoors, it was natural to begin photographing them when he picked up a camera in 2005. Since then, he has gone on to win awards in several international competitions and have his imagery shown in Everglades National Park and the Miami International Airport. A self-taught naturalist, he is constantly out to educate the public and create awareness for the vital ecosystems of South Florida. To learn more, please visit his website at

Marko Masterl / MYN Marko Masterl: Europe / Slovenia
Marko Masterl lives in the Kočevsko region in the south of Slovenia where eighty percent of the area is covered by forest. Here in the wilderness, large carnivores – brown bear, wolf and lynx – can still be found, and numerous areas of old-growth forest have been preserved. Marko has always been interested in nature, particularly in the forest and its fauna. He mostly uses his photography to promote and encourage the protection and conservation of natural heritage. As a photographer, he participated in the LIFE project – the Conservation of Large Carnivores in Slovenia. His photographs have been published in numerous Slovenian and foreign publications – Fotografie draussen, Naturfoto, National Geographic, National Geographic Junior, Western Magazine and from the very beginning he has been working with National Geographic Slovenia Magazine, for which he has made several contributions. Among his greatest achievements are two highly commended photographs in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Speaking about himself, Masterl says “I am not an intrusive person by nature. I stay away from dens, nests, and mothers with small cubs. Animals need their peace. I always wait for the animals to come close to me spontaneously and I always leave them enough room to go away.”

molly mehling, meet your neighbours Molly Mehling: U.S.A. / Maryland
Molly Mehling is an ecologist, sustainability scientist, photographer and educator focused on combining these roles to close the gap between science and society to ensure sustainable decision-making. As a scientist, she examines nearshore bottom-dwelling aquatic invertebrates to understand how human activities affect the water resources on which our well-being depends. In addition to research, Molly uses photography to communicate about nature, science and issues of sustainability. She empowers others to do the same via college courses, workshops, exhibits and public speaking. She also serves on the NANPA College Photography Scholarship Committee and as a science advisor for the non-profit organization No Water No Life. To showcase some of your nearest aquatic neighbors, Molly has combined forces with colleagues at Freshwaters Illustrated. She currently resides in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband Carl and their copper headed son, Johann. To learn more, please visit her website at

jerry monkman myn Jerry Monkman: U.S.A. / New Hampshire
Jerry Monkman is an adventure and conservation photographer and writer, based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. During the last decade, his photographs have contributed to the conservation of several hundred thousand acres of wilderness across New England. His writings and photographs about New England’s wild and noteworthy places have been published by publications around the world, including National Geographic Adventure, Backpacker, Yankee, Down East, Men’s Journal, and the Washington Post. In addition, Jerry is a board member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). He currently lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with his wife Marcy and their two children, Acadia and Quinn. To learn more, please visit his website at

Robin Moore myn Robin Moore: Caribbean / Haiti
Scottish-born Robin Moore is an internationally acclaimed photographer and conservationist, represented by National Geographic Image Collection, whose images paint a striking portrait of our relationship with the world around us. Robin is an Associate of the International League of Conservation Photographers and his photographs and stories have graced the pages of publications including National Geographic Traveler, TIME for kids and the Telegraph Magazine. Robin recently co-founded Frame of Mind to empower youth around the world to connect with their natural and cultural worlds through photography and visual storytelling. Learn more at

piotr naskrecki myn Piotr Naskrecki: U.S.A. / Massachusetts
Piotr (Peter) Naskrecki is a Polish-born entomologist, photographer and author, currently at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA, USA.). He received his M. Sc. degree in Zoology from the A. Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland (1990), and a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT (2000). Between 2002 and 2009 Piotr served as Director of the Invertebrate Diversity Initiative at the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science at Conservation International, Washington, D.C. His research focuses on the evolution of katydids and related insects, and the theory and practice of nature conservation. (Continue Reading)To learn more, please visit his website at

denis palanque myn Denis Palanque: Europe / France (Special Advisor Europe)
Photography has always been linked to his need of discovering and understanding nature. Initially an exploration tool, it has now revealed itself as an amazing form of expression and more importantly as a great tool for public-awareness. His dual training in biology (University of Lyon) and photography (Atelier Magenta – Private School of Photography) allows him to catch his subjects with both the naturalistic and scientific knowledge needed to understand and respect wildlife and environment, but also with the necessary and essential sensitivity need to acheive any picture. Denis works with magazines, scientists and Conservation NGO’s. In 2010 the report "At the stalking of chytrid" – writing by Celine Lison – won the highly prized “Best story” prize (pictures and writing) in the International editions categories of National Geographic Magazine during a ceremony at the National Geographic Society in Washington. For Denis, nature photography must be done with a conservation approach. To learn more, please visit his website at

seth patterson myn Seth Patterson: U.S.A. / Texas
Seth Patterson is an avid naturalist who first discovered photography as a means to share his passion for nature with the world. Now a life-long pursuit, Seth focuses on using his photography as a tool to help educate and inspire conservation in his South Texas home as well as his travels across the globe. Seth’s recently published coffee-table book “El Valle” was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2011 Independent Publisher’s Publisher (IPPY) of the Year contest. To learn more, please visit his website at

Shannon Plummer | Meet Your Neighbours Shannon Plummer: Australia / Queensland
Shannon Plummer is an internationally acclaimed animal photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. She has photographed an impressive number of Australian reptiles including four of the world’s five most venomous snakes. Shannon’s passion for wildlife is evident in her award winning images. Whether tracking Lace Monitors and Dingoes in the wilds of the Blue Mountains to seeking out desert lizards in Central Australia, she is just as dedicated to photographing captive and domestic animals of all species as she is of documenting their wild counterparts. Not content to simply photograph animals, Shannon has authored and photographed a book that explores the ecophysiology and captive husbandry techniques of one particular Australian lizard, the Central Netted Dragon (Ctenophorus nuchalis) along with several articles of the same topic. She actively participates in worldwide conservation programs such as that of the critically endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi). To learn more, please visit her website at

Dimitris Poursanidis Dimitris Poursanidis: Europe / Greece
Dimitris Poursanidis is a research fellow, as a Cartographer, in the Regional Analysis Division of the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics, FORTH and also tries to finish his PhD on Marine Ecology. He holds a M.Sc. Integrated Coastal Zone Management from the University of the Aegean, Department of Marine Science (2008) and a B.S. on Ecosystem Management (2004) from the Higher Technological Institute of Crete. He has worked in both the academic (HCMR, NHMC, UNEP/MAP, University of Athens, University of the Aegean) and private sectors (Marathon Data Systems, NCC, terraSolutions, WWF Hellas, etc) on projects focused on the coastal, marine and terrestrial environment. He is also the founder of terraSolutions research company, which focuses on researching the coastal zone. He discovered the photography of the natural environment accidentally during his studies at the University of Aegean, Dept. of Marine Science, where he has worked in several projects related to the coastal and marine environment. Part of his job was to create images from the scapes (sea and land) and from the creatures that he was documenting. He bought his first camera when he was 25 and after that nature photography became a part of any project he was involved in. You can find more at To learn more, please visit

Lary Reeves Lary Reeves: Southeast Asia / Phillipines, U.S.A. / Florida
Lary Reeves is based out of Gainesville, Florida, with roots in the Philippines. He is a photographer, conservationist, National Science Foundation fellow and graduate student. Currently, Lary is working towards his Ph.D. at the University of Florida’s Department of Entomology and Nematology and the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity. Scientifically, he is primarily interested in insects, particularly Lepidoptera, but has a general interest and appreciation for the diversity of life – especially those that are poorly represented or misunderstood. In his research, Lary is investigating the potential of Jurassic Park-style DNA extraction from the bloodmeals of haematophagous invertebrates in vertebrate diversity surveys of rainforest and freshwater systems. Lary works extensively in insular Southeast Asia, particularly the Visayan region of the Philippines. Coupled with his research, he uses photography to promote biodiversity and conservation in the Philippines and at home in Florida.

Krista Schlyer | Meet Your Neighbours Krista Schlyer: U.S.A. / Washington D.C.
Krista is a conservation photographer and writer based in the Washington, DC, area. Her goal is to use words and images to create consciousness about complex conservation issues, including the environmental impacts of the US-Mexico border wall, the forgotten promise of urban rivers and fragile nature of watersheds. Krista has also worked to promote the future of public lands in the United States, creating a series of multimedia videos for the National Landscape Conservation System. Krista’s past work has focused on issues related to global warming, water shortages in the western part of North America, national wildlife refuges, and wildlife species including the prairie dog, American bison, and desert tortoise. To learn more, visit her website at

Andrew Snyder | Meet Your Neighbours Andrew Snyder: U.S.A. / Mississippi
Andrew Snyder is a biologist, photographer, conservationist, and journalist currently residing in Oxford, Mississippi. Andrew is working on his Ph.D. in Biology at the University of Mississippi studying patterns of evolution across Guiana Shield reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. He uses his photos not only to document the natural world, but to connect people with the unique organisms found in the ecosystems where he conducts his research, raise awareness about their impending threats, and inspire lasting wonderment. To learn more, please visit his website at

Mac Stone | Meet Your Neighbours Mac Stone: U.S.A. / Florida
Photographer Mac Stone spent his childhood cultivating his love for the outdoors exploring the swamps, prairies, and springs of North Central Florida. Over the years his photography has brought him to some of the most remote locations around the world from the wilds of the Amazon rainforest to the barrier reef islands of Honduras. Currently he resides in the Florida Keys working with the National Audubon Society to promote Everglades restoration efforts. Stone’s images have been featured in publications like National Geographic Traveler, Audubon Magazine, Ranger Rick, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and many more. To see an online collection of his work visit

John Tiddy | Meet Your Neighbours John Tiddy: Australia / Victoria
John is an outdoor photographer based in the Wimmera region of western Victoria, Australia. Apart from a brief stint as an industrial chemist (working for the company that put film in yellow boxes) John has spent most of his life in the outdoors, farming in Western Australia and Victoria, always with a camera by his side. His nature photography has been used by various local organisations such as the Wimmera Catchment Management authority and Grampians Tourism. He has written and illustrated articles for several Australian magazines and his images have been used in books and calendars. You can learn more from his website at

Roy Toft | Meet Your Neighbours Roy Toft: U.S.A. / California
Roy Toft is an award-winning wildlife photographer committed to documenting rare and endangered species. Roy’s photographs advance conservation efforts globally, in part through his work with the International League of Conservation Photography (ILCP), where he is a founding fellow. His work has been featured in publications including National Geographic, Audubon, Discover, Smithsonian, and Wildlife Conservation. Roy has received top honors in the most prestigious competitions in his genre including the London Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature’s Best. In 2007, Roy won first place and the Gerald Durrell Award for endangered species in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Roy’s striking wildlife images are also available worldwide through stock agencies including the National Geographic Image Collection, Oxford, Auscapes, and Getty Images. Roy’s ever popular Rainforests of Costa Rica photo workshop has been filmed for television. The show, Fine Living Network’s Fantasy Camp, has appeared on television and airline flights. Learn more about Roy’s work at

Dave Wong | Meet Your Neighbours David Wong: Australia / ACT
Growing up in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, David became interested in the natural world at an early age. Following undergraduate studies in Arts and Environmental Science, he worked with the Australian Capital Territory Conservation Planning and Research unit, where he gained a good knowledge of the local flora and fauna of the Canberra area. He is currently undertaking a PhD in Applied Ecology and hopes to combine his interests in Ecology and Photography in his future career. He has started doing this by running programs such as Seeing Grasslands and PhotoEcology, which aim to increase awareness about conservation and the natural world through photography, community involvement and exhibitions. He is interested in how photography can help to communicate science and bridge gaps between fields such as science and art. He recently participated in the North American Nature Photographer’s Association college student program. This experience has reinforced his interest in the communication of science and conservation messages through photography.

Joris van Alphen | Meet Your Neighbours Joris van Alphen: Europe / Netherlands
Joris van Alphen is a photographer and marine biologist based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Joris’ photographs have appeared in and on the covers of books and magazines worldwide. He has been commissioned to portray scientists for numerous scientific institutes, as well as the world’s leading scientific journals Science and Nature. Currently he is ambassador for the international photography platform Noorderlicht and a contributor of Meet Your Neighbours, an international photographic initiative that connects people with the wildlife in their communities.

Joris received the 2011 NANPA College Photography Scholarship, a prestigious scholarship from the North American Nature Photography Association, and he is a current nominee for the National Geographic Emerging Nature Photographer Award. His recent film, Cold-blooded Cannibals, created in collaboration with Day’s Edge Productions, won first prize at the 2011 NESCent Evolution Film Festival. To learn more, visit his website at



The MYN Mission

Meet Your Neighbours is a worldwide photographic initiative dedicated to reconnecting people with the wildlife on their own doorsteps – and enriching their lives in the process. These creatures and plants are vital to people: they represent the first, and for some, the only contact with wild nature we have.